Different styles of Shoulder Holster

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We’ve all seen individuals wearing shoulder holsters in films, and they’re not just for show; they’re actually used. A shoulder holster allows you to handle your firearm in a variety of ways. In covert activities, it’s also highly useful to conceal your firearm. Keeping a gun necessitates the use of a convenient and comfortable holster, but there are several types to choose from.

You may acquire a variety of lightweight, customizable shoulder holsters to wear your favorite weapons. There are some fashionable variations available, but perhaps the most important thing is to have a dependable holster; the aesthetic and appearance of the holster are not as crucial.

Nonetheless, if you can find shoulder holster solutions that are both comfortable and adaptable while still looking elegant, you should take advantage of them. The majority of leather-made holsters have a beautiful appearance. Along with traditional design patterns, new approaches to design are becoming increasingly prominent in the marketplace. One of them must be the minimalist holster design.

Shoulder Holster in a Minimalist Style

A minimalist shoulder holster is a novel approach to holster design. They use much less material while providing the same level of comfort. Even though these styles are becoming more famous, they have a number of flaws, such as the fact that some holsters simply allow you to hold firearms and not reloads. A minimalist shoulder holster is a good option for somebody searching for a different form of a shoulder holster.

A system with two shoulder holsters

The twin shoulder holster system enables you to comfortably carry both handguns and reloads on your person. Since the weight of the rifle is distributed across both shoulders, it is easier to carry. This dual shoulder holster system allows you to carry pistols such as the Barretta, Glock, and Colt, among others.

Kirk Patrick Leather offers a variety of shoulder holster alternatives.

Shoulder holsters are offered in a variety of styles at Kirk Patrick Leather. Let’s take a look at some of their best selections for a variety of uses.

First is the Detective Carry Version, which is a beautiful minimalistic design made from soft leather that provides a secure attachment for carrying your pistol. It has a unique handmade holster on a soft leather harness that is exceptionally comfy. Perfect for people who only want to carry their firearms.

X-carry Shoulder is the second option. The lightweight and compact strap structure are two of its primary advantages. You can utilize it on a regular basis without knowing like you’re carrying a weapon. HD-Carry, the third option, is designed to carry larger firearms. It has broad belts that provide extra leverage for bigger arms to be held in place.

Every holster is then hand-molded for a flawless fit and durability and fitted to the hip. After that, the sides are smoothed and burnished by hand to achieve a flawless, shiny surface. This prevents water from penetrating the leather’s borders. After that, they’re polished and given a clear lacquer to maintain their appearance.

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