Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere- resistance bands exercise

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Any strength training or rehabilitation program can benefit from the use of resistance bands. They’re available in different sizes, lengths, & resistance levels, they are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for home, hotel, or gym use.


Exercise bands, like free weights, come in a variety of resistance levels, ranging from highly stretchy to heavy-duty strength.


Tube bands with grips, loop bands, and therapeutic bands are the most frequent forms of bands however if you’re unsure, a fitness coach can assist you in determining which band is best for you based on your exercise level as well as workout schedule.


Aim for 2–3 repetitions of 8–25 repetitions per exercise for most exercises.


  • Squat in the front


This one will benefit your butt, thighs, and hamstrings, front lunges for your  resistance bands exercise

can also help your groin area; hip flexors, & calves gain strength.


  1. With your feet somewhat wider than shoulder-width, stand on the band.
  2. In each hand, hold a handle that extends the length of the band. In order to keep the band in place, cross your arms at the chest.
  3. Sit with your back straight, chest high, abs firm, and knees out over toes.
  4. Return to your starting position.
  5. Rep 8–12 times more


  • Lower Limb Extension Exercises


It’s time to step things up a gear with this quad-copter.


  1. Using a loop band, secure one end of the band to support such an incline bench, while the other end is looped around your ankle.
  2. To produce stress on the band, take a step back from the anchor and place feet hip-width apart.
  3. Raise your right leg off the floor while shifting weight on your left foot.
  4. To straighten your knee in front of you, extend your knee
  5. Retrace your steps back to where you started.
  6. Before switching legs, perform 8–12 reps of this exercise.




  • Prone (sleepy) leg curl – for Hamstring Muscle


  1. Tie a strap over your right ankle and tie the other end to a post for support as you lie on your back and relax.
  2. Create tension by moving away from the anchor.
  3. Bring your heel as close to your glutes as you’re able while maintaining core tension.
  4. Your leg should return to the beginning position in a gradual manner.
  5. Do 10–15 reps on each side, then switch sides.


  • The Gluteal Girdle


  1. Wrap a resistance band around thighs, just above the knees, and keep it there.
  2. Legs bent at 90 degrees, lying faceup on the floor with feet flat on the floor
  3. In order to perform a proper hip raise, squeeze your glutes throughout the entire movement.
  4. Repetition: 15–20 reps
  5. Exercises for the arms
  6. Start a war of attrition.


  • Curls with a lot of focus


How about a little pre-show practice with your resistance bands exercise? This is going to get your biceps going and increase your endurance.


  1. Begin in the forward lunge with the right leg on front and the band on the middle of your right foot.
  2. Your right hand should be holding the loop band and your elbow should be inside your knee to target the biceps muscle.
  3. Stretch your biceps by curling the resistance band toward your shoulder while keeping your palms away from your knees.
  4. Take your time as you lower the band.
  5. Before swapping sides, perform 8–10 repetitions on each side.

Biceps curls while standing, because you’re the weight, you’ll also benefit your triceps.

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