Making Your House Safer with Monitored Qolsys Home Security System

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Home security is now one of the main concerns of every homeowner in the present times. And when it comes to this, there is a number of various options and systems for you to consider.

But then, if this will be your first time using a home security system for your house, you might find it confusing to know which of the ones available in the market will perfectly suit your house.

But is there is one type of home security system that you must install in your house, that is none other than the monitored home security system, as this is the one often referred to as the most highly secure choice of home security right now.

In case you are planning to get one for your house, particularly the one powered by Qolsys, but you don’t know much about the monitored home security system in general, then you better read on to find out.


First of All, What is This Monitored Home Security System is About?

When you say monitored home security system, this refers to the kind of security system that is being monitored 24/7 by a credible company providing monitoring and security services.

This means that you will have continuous surveillance of the system, courtesy of the security and monitoring company. Their systems include home alarm systems, CCTV cameras,  sensors, and other similar systems.

When an activity has been picked up, you will be given a notification about that and you can advise them whether this is a false alarm or not.  If this is not a false alarm, or if there is no response, then the monitoring center will send out the needed authorities to help out with your situation.


Difference Between the Monitored and the Unmonitored Security System

Both kinds of systems are providing good quality of security and protection to your homes, but if there is one main difference between the monitored and the unmonitored versions of the security systems that, unlike the latter, the former would get the services of an external security monitoring company for them to keep a constant eye on your house to watch out for possible intruders or break-ins.


Benefits of Having a Monitored Security in Your Home

There has been a lot of benefits of having a monitored security system powered by Qolsys in your house, and they primarily have something to do with the security and safety of your house.

When you have a monitored security system in your home, you will be assured of your security due to the fact that there is a reputable external security center, who will monitor your house 24/7. With this, you no longer have to rely on your neighbors to look after your house when you are away.

Aside from that, the other benefit of having a monitored home security system in your house is that the number of false alarms will be greatly reduced. False alarms have been one of the most annoying parts of having a home security system in your house. But when such a home security system is monitored, such instances will be less and less likely.

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