Mistakes that you should always avoid during an iPhone battery replacement

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Whether you are having an iPhone or you just have any other smartphone with an in-built battery, it is very important to know and understand that batteries deteriorate with time. The good thing is that the batteries can easily be replaced. With iPhone for example, the iPhone battery can be able to serve you for two to three years. That is the estimated time for any individual to last with their current phone model. Past two to three years, your phone will start misbehaving. You can choose to buy a new iPhone but that is not an option especially when you have a golden chance to replace your battery. In the process of replacing your battery, here are some of the mistakes to avoid

Not reading the replacement guide

This is the first mistake that many people do make when they are replacing their iPhone batteries by themselves. You may have bought the best toolkit but fail to replace your iPhone battery successfully because you did not follow the required instructions. Although the process of replacing your battery may seem to be straightforward, other risks should always be considered. By reading the guide thoroughly, you will get to understand the benefits or the importance of each step. You will also know how simple mistakes can end up damaging your phone and making your replacement a mess.

Not preparing well

Just like any other phone repairs, you should also consider preparing for your iPhone battery replacement very well. Make sure that you are working on a well-lit room and a spacious table. You can also consider having a non-slippery dark-colored mat for the sake of avoiding losing tiny parts. The dark background is also important as it will help to increase or improve the visibility of the area from which you are operating from. You should also set aside enough time for the replacement. If you do it in a hurry, something will surely go wrong.

Reinstalling a screw into a wrong slot

This is the worst mistake that you will ever make when you are replacing your iPhone battery by yourself. When you are removing the screws, you should be marking them as well. Know their rightful places and arrange them to avoid forcing a screw in a place that doesn’t belong to them. When you try to force screws in the wrong places, it can cause damages to the motherboard and that will mean losing the entire phone.

Not handling the phone screen carefully

When you are handling your phone, you should be very careful with your phone screen. This is important because there are sensitive ribbon cables behind the screen. The ribbon has a specific purpose. The cables are very small and can easily be stretched. When you do not handle them with care, you will cause damage to your phone. You can remove the screen first or lean the screen.

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