The Right Way to Smoke Weed Wax: Beginners guide

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Smoking weed has become common than ever! Weed smokers are not just attracted to dried flowers now but also excited to try their hands on different weed concentrates. Weed wax is one such concentrate, which is gaining attraction among an impressive number of weed lovers.


What is weed wax?


Weed wax or Cannabis wax is one of the Cannabis concentrates which can be identified with its wax-like appearance and texture. Weed wax is opaque and soft to touch. It is made from the oils extracted from a Marijuana plant.


The interesting fact is – Weed wax can contain about 90% THC! Yes, we’re not kidding! This doesn’t mean all weed wax comes with up to 90% THC. We are saying a potential weed wax can contain up to 90% THC. So, this is one of the concentrates to make you high and give you a memorable euphoria.


Benefits of Weed / Cannabis wax


  • Weed wax comes with more potency than other weed concentrates. This means a small amount of weed wax has a high potential to make you high.
  • It does not create a strong odor like regular Cannabis products. The smell of a regular Cannabis product will linger around in the room for hours. But, weed wax comes with minimal odor.
  • No worry about mold growth. You can buy weed wax and store it for many months without the fear of it getting molds.
  • Cannabis wax comes with refined flavors for you to choose from. You have plenty of options here!
  • The dosage of Cannabis wax is also precise. You can buy weed in the exact amount you want to smoke or even get extra in wholesale for storage.


How to smoke weed wax? Beginners Guide 


There are many ways to smoke Cannabis wax. These include:


  1. Through a dab rig
  2. Using a vaporizer
  3. Through nectar collector
  4. Adding it to a joint/blunt
  5. Through a knife dab
  6. Mixing with flower in a bowl


Among these, smoking weed wax through a dab rig or adding it to a joint is considered the best option for beginners.


If you are smoking through a dab rig – You can use a blowtorch for heating the nail. After the nail reaches exact temperature, use a dabber to scoop up the wax. Now, you can spread the wax around the nail, which is hot. Inhalation can be done via a mouthpiece.


Adding it to a joint – Adding weed wax to the joint is pretty easy. If you are using a joint, just roll the required amount of wax in a thin and long line. Place the rolled wax on the top of the Cannabis in the joint. Roll it like how you usually do.


If you are using a bowl, you can drop a bit of weed wax on the top of the weed in the pipe or bong and inhale/smoke like how you usually do.


As you are combining weed wax with flowers here, remember the concentration will be high. This will make you higher than usual!

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