Various sources to find OEM companies for the cosmetic business

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If you are really interested to begin your cosmetic business, the primary requirement would be to find a oem cosmetics factory (kilang oem kosmetik) who can build the products for you. You can find such OEMs from the following sources and ways.

Business directories

Let us assume that you own a business. To get a wider reach, you would have to list your business in the local business directories for sure. Then only, the people who need your services will reach your website as they would be searching on these directories. The same goes true for your search for an OEM company also. There will be several online directories offering lists of OEMs with plenty of categories and filters also. If you can pay a little, these directories will also provide other facilities like contacting the businesses right away.


It is another universal method of finding an OEM where you will ask your friends or other relatives to suggest you some OEMs. Although it is rare, you may have some contacts in the cosmetic circle who might have experience working with such companies. You can use them as referrals to find the best manufacturer for your products.

Online review sites

You would see several blogs or websites online that talk about the services offered by various OEM companies. These reviews are meant to let people know about the pros and cons of working with certain companies. However, you can use these reviews to find the OEM companies themselves. If the reputation is better, you can directly start working with the company. You can also find OEMs using the groups and communities on social media platforms.

Local OEMs

You may have certain OEMs available in your proximity itself. If so, you can give a visit to the company and ask about the possibilities of collaborating on a project.

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