What is a Faith based Recovery Program?

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Recovery is a slow but crucial process in the life of an addict. In the process, the individual learns to live a life in recovery and to be fully human. In this process, the addict must confront the full spectrum of human emotions. This confrontation can be extremely painful. In the recovery process, the addict goes through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Therefore, a faith based recovery program is necessary for certain individuals.

The Process of Recovery

Although every addict will experience different stages in a different timeframe and different ways, the stages of recovery are always present. They are a necessary part of the process of recovery.

Through the process of confronting these emotions, the addict learns to live a life in recovery and to be fully human.

Recovery, at its most fundamental level, is about learning to be human again. Each stage in recovery is dependent upon the successful completion of the preceding stage.

Every stage of the recovery process is like a bridge. The addict must cross the bridge in order to move to the next stage. Each stage takes the addict to a new place and makes it possible for them to change their life.

Each stage is also a process of facing and overcoming an emotional conflict. In each new stage of recovery, the addict learns something new. They are able to better understand themselves, their emotions and the way the world works. The addict becomes a better person and the world becomes a more valuable place for them.


How does a Faith based recovery Program help?

Faith is important in the journey of recovery. A faith based recovery program is necessary for certain individuals.

Without a faith based recovery program, an addict can become lost in the process of change.

The program must be based on a clear set of principles and values, and it must be presented in a structured manner. The addict must believe that the program will work in the long term. It is imperative that the program is presented in a way that allows the addict to become active participants in the program.

Faith helps an addict by providing the confidence needed to make positive changes in their life. Through their faith, the addicts gain a reason to pursue a path of recovery. It gives the addicts the hope and determination needed to reach the next level in their recovery process.

A successful faith based recovery program will help to create a strong foundation on which to build a life in recovery from chemical dependence. The faith based recovery program can be a simple program which has as a meeting once or twice a week, or as complicated as going through a series of programs of treatment.

The faith based recovery program is a program of encouragement, support, and accountability. It is the bridge that gets the addict to the next stage in their recovery process and allows the addict to become a better person.

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