What is inside an e-cigarette?

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You would be familiar with smoking traditional cigarettes that will need a match to light it up and will consist of tobacco to provide you the addictive component of nicotine. If you light up this cigarette, the tobacco will burn to produce smoke that you will inhale to pass nicotine to your lungs. The development of technology has made an alternative for this type of cigarette. It is known as an e-cigarette, and you can smoke without fire, smoke, or smell. An e-cigarette will be working with the help of some electronic components powered by a battery. You can buy e-juice online in canada. It is recommended to find a better quality of vape to reduce the health risks. However, you would be wondering about the components inside the e-cigarette and the chemicals involved. In this article, let us discuss the setup of an e-cigarette along with the chemical composition in brief.


Components of an e-cigarette


There are three main parts in an e-cigarette as follows,


  • A rechargeable lithium battery
  • A vaporization chamber
  • A cartridge


Lithium rechargeable battery – As the name suggests, these batteries will be rechargeable as you do with your mobile phones. This battery will be acting as the power source for the operation of the electronic components present inside the cigarette.


Vaporization chamber – It will be a hollow tube that will contain the electronic components required for the vaporization of the e-liquid to produce smoke to inhale. This chamber will have some electronic components with an atomizer. The atomizer is the heating element responsible for the conversion of e-liquid into vapor when the user inhales. During inhalation, the battery will power this atomizer to vaporize the e-liquid and generate vapor containing the addictive chemical.


Cartridge – A cartridge in a vape is the filler area that you can attach and detach from an e-cigarette that will contain the e-liquid. Sometimes, the atomizer will also be present inside this cartridge. During vaporization, this e-liquid will be vaporized and passed on to the human body through the mouthpiece at the end of the cartridge. Usually, this e-liquid will be propylene glycol that can produce nicotine. Apart from nicotine, there will also be some flavors in this e-juice or e-liquid.


Constituents of e-cigarette


The E-cigarette consists of various chemical components that will go inside the human body while inhaling. Some of these constituents are as follows,


  • Nicotine – It is an addictive substance that you can find in abundance in tobacco.
  • Propylene glycol – It is a chemical additive used in some foods, paint manufacturing, and artificial fog production.
  • Some metals like tin, nickel, and lead.
  • Carcinogens – Some forms of chemicals like acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde.
  • Cadmium – A metal present in abundance in traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • Benzene and other minor chemical constituents.


Apart from these constituents, there would be formations of several different types of chemicals that can cause some side effects in the human body during an overdose. So, it is required to know these constituents and their effects before using a vape.

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