Why should you always tell the truth to your doctor?

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Are you telling everything to your doctor straight away? Well, most people do not tell the truth to their doctors and this thing has many severe consequences you should know about. If you are not telling the truth to your doctor, you might put your health at risk. There are many reasons why patients are reluctant in telling the truth to their doctors. For instance, they are shy and do not want to talk a lot about their weak points. Similarly, some people try to maintain a good image on their doctor. When you are visiting a doctor, maintaining the image is a secondary thing! You should be more concerned about the health and should tell everything right to the doctor in order to get the best possible treatment.


General consequences – When you are visiting a doctor and not telling him everything straight away, you will not be able to convey your exact health condition, and this will lead to many complications.It is better to tell exactly what your condition isand take the right advice from your doctor. When you are paying for the treatment, why not get the proper one?


Reasons why people lie

Following are the most common reasons why people lie to their doctors:


  • They are naturally shy and are unable to discuss everything in detail
  • They are doing something illegal – like they are drinking in a forbidden area
  • They are trying to impress the doctor with a good character
  • They are ashamed, and do not want to disclose their secret
  • They do not talkabout something which the doctor has restricted them to do.


What could be the consequences?

When you are unable to discuss everything with your vertigo specialist, you face following consequences. It is important to know about these consequences as only then you will be more concerned about your ailment and tell your doctor about the exact things you are going through.


  • When you do not talk about your drinking habits, you are putting your health at risk as your doctor might suggest you some medications which are not appropriate to take when someone is drinking.
  • People do not talk about their smoking habit which is again quite a wrong thing in related to the treatment of vertigo. Dizziness and smoking have a direct relation, and you should be telling your doctor about this habit when you are getting the consultation.
  • Some people would tell wrong stories about their exercise routine which is another blunder. Exercise is critical to maintain a good health, and when you tell lies about exercises, it becomes difficult for your doctor to assess the right condition, and the chances of making a wrong diagnosis are increased.

They do not talk about other medicines they are taking – this thing can lead to severe complications. Some medicines are not supposed to take when you are taking another medicine. This thing must be discussed with the doctor in advance to getting the prescription from him.

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