Wrong fuel: A guide on what you should do

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As extraordinary as it might sound, it is believed that every four minutes, there is a motorist that pumps the wrong fuel into their car’s diesel or petrol tank and thus, a need for the help of the wrong fuel sos.

If you have never experienced that, then you need to be grateful but you don’t have to despise those drivers who are unhappy because they placed diesel into petrol cars by mistake. Tiredness, a moment of distraction, or a forgetfulness might see you joining the statistics at the next visit at the filling station.

To mix petrol in diesel fuel doesn’t have to be the end of the world so long as you can realize the mistake while still at the pump. You are going to be faced with the hassle and the cost to get your fuel tank to be pumped, but the actual damage can end up occurring when you drive away. If you happen to be unlucky, you might end up with a thousand-dollar bill.

The majority of the incidents of misfuelling of about 95% do occur when the petrol gets mistakenly pumped in the diesel car. It is hard misfueling the other way, as the majority of the diesel pumps do have wide nozzles which will not be able to fit in the latest petrol car filler necks.

Get to know your mistake while you are filling up, and there could be a chance of you getting away scot-free. That is because it is agreed commonly you can be able to mix 5% petrol in diesel fuel without any harm. If there isn’t room in the tank for toping up with the required 95% diesel ratio, you will require to get the services of someone who can be able to drain your tank.

What happens when you place petrol in the diesel car?

So long as you do not turn the key in the ignition, there isn’t much that you need to worry about other than to confess your error to the garage attendant. With that, you will be able to use about $200 in costs of the van for breakdown or having to drain your tank services.

To turn the key is the worst mistake that you can make, as even if you do not start the engine, the dashboard lights being illuminated could denote that your fuel pump has whirred into life. It is supposed to be able to prime the engine with the diesel before starting, but instead, it might end up sucking petrol up the fuel lines. It denotes that, there will be a need for flushing and draining the fuel tank as well. If you get as far as to start the engine, several things will go wrong as well.

The worst-case scenario of petrol in a diesel

The modern diesel engine has embraced a lot of technology in eking out the impressive figures of mpg and minimizing emissions, which includes high pressure expensive fuel pumps, and common rail injectors which have fine tolerances.

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